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    First of all, I'm a Marvel guy. Always have been, always will be. But, there are some DC characters that we all know and love. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash are all classic DC supers. Can they help bring "Justice" to this DC video game? How will it stack up against Marvel's X-Men series? I decided to take a look.
  • That's why you are the superhero Charger. No one else would wade through tonnes of manure, to find a lump of coal, but when you do it, it seems like a dander throught a rose garden in June ;)
  • Thanks Majik, I think? When life (or a game in this case) hands you lemons.....make lemonade!;)

    Just a note to be fair to anyone who read this and is using it as a deciding factor on whether or not to look at this game - I finished it today. The first run through was kinda rough. But, there is good news. The play actually got better as the game went on.

    Wonder Woman still kicks butt. Even Superman got better. With some boosts, Zatanna turns into one serious assassin. Sadly, Batman still disappoints. I don't think he'd be much fun even if you maxed out his powers. We'll see if a costume change helps later on.

    Once you've beat the game, you can go back and replay with imported character stats. This means all that hard work does not go to waste. THEN, you can go through the game throwing down like a superhero ought to do. So much more fun the second time through that I think I'll play it all again. Five levels of difficulty should keep me busy for another day or two.

    I won't give any plot spoilers, but the game does take an unexpected twist. I just wish it were a bit longer. It just started getting good. They say "Leave them wanting more" and in the end, that's what it did. Whether I think that is good or bad, you'll have to wait for the review.