fight night round3 psp
  • have you got any cheats or tips for fight night round3 on the psp.
  • Sure we have. :)
    At the moment we are trying to fill up the cheats section with nice codes and game play tips. We havn't had time to add all games (or all cheats for that matter) but we are getting there. You can contribute by posting cheats yourself.


    In the mean while here are some tips you might find useful:
    (I havn't tried them myself, so if anyone is inaccurate, please let me know)
    To unlock all the venues, enter *NEWVIEW* as first name in Create Champ mode.
    A common method of staying undefeated is to use the "Regret Button" (or power switch as it is also known as). When you turn your playstation on again you can restart the match, hopefully a bit wiser than the last time.
    In the venue select screen keep holding UP until you hear a bell. Then when you select a venue the fighters will be miniature versions of themself.
    In options you can turn the "Illegal Blows" off. Then buy the "Elbow Shot" headpunch in the fightstore. This "punch" is very useful when used as a counter attack.
    Don't rush becomming a pro. Winning an Amateur Title Belt will grant you You equipment you wont be able to get any other time or place.