• how do i fix my slim ps2:confused:
  • Can you give us some more detail as to what exactly is wrong with it? Not playing certain discs, no sound/ picture, etc.

    (40 min)
  • the only thing wrong is no sound or picture
  • Alrighty then- first thing I would do is check and make sure all your connections are in the right place and in there tight. Next make sure the tv is set for that particular spot for input and on the right channel.

    If everything is ok there then things may be a bit more serious- just for the sake of experimentation try a music CD in the system to ee if the PS2 will see that. If it does the problem may be in the lens for DVDs being dirty. I would try a DVD lens cleaner kit (available at most electronics stores) to clean it up.If that solves nothing then it's time to consider calling Sony's tech support at 1-800-345-7669 (it's toll free).

    (6 hrs 35 min)
  • I would also suggest changing the socket you input into the TV via. I have known for scart or component sockets to fail and find alternative means of getting into the tv.

    Also it is not unknown for the scart end for the PS2 to become damaged - it may still fit in the socket but it will not function properly.

    Lastly, once a friend of mine stood on the end of the lead that filled in to the back of his PS2 - no visible damage was done, but the lead never worked again.

    Once you have tried out all of these ideas to no avail then its time to phone Sony :(