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    [drupal=128]Pre Gluttony[/drupal]

    Well folks, tomorrow is the biggest day of gluttony ever known to USA. That's right. It's Thanksgiving day. Since I didn't have this blog before during last thanksgiving I am going to show you what I do for Thanksgiving every year. I usually blog what I'm thankful for. However, this year I won't bore you all with that (yet). I'll bet you all are thankful that the prominent APi Blogger has finally made a return, but anyway..
  • Am sorry to hear about your grandpa mel, its hard when i loved one is sick and you cant do anything about it.

    So he was in a journal huh - wow - just think about all those other people your grandpa was able to help because he was brave enough to let them do that operation!!

    I hope he gets better soon and that you all have a great thanksgiving :D
  • I know how you feel, Mel. Remember, my Auntie was in hospital a few weeks ago. She was in for a total of like 2 months almost (about 6 or 7 weeks). Anyway, I'm sure your grandpa will get better soon. The whole of Api are hoping, I'm sure :)
    Anyway, hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Try not to get too stuffed, else you'll end up knowing what the Turkey feels like :laugh: