• how to get online with slimline PS2
  • What sort of internet access do you have? If just dial-up it's almost not worth bothering with as most games only use a broadband connection such as cable or DSL.

    If you do have broadband, however, you are halfway there. What you will need is some CAT-5 ethernet cable (the same type going from the modem to the computer) and use that to connect your modem to the PS2. It's better, however, if you have a router which will share the 'net access and allow both on at the same time (just in case someone else wants to use the PC).

    Once things are connected put one of your games that you know is playable online in. Go to the online in the main menu and select "Make New Connection". Now, for most people choosing "automatic" when it asks for particular settings will work with a router in place- sometimes you will have to put in certain things like subnet masks, DNS Servers, etc. but this information can easily be found in the router settings or by calling your ISP's tech support.

    Sorry i can't get any more specific than that- it varies according to each person's set up at home. If all else fails Sony's tech support would be able to walk you through the steps over the phone.

    (3 hrs 36 min)