I don't suppose...
  • Anyone has a sure fire cure for the common cold? :P

    I mean, I know you're jealously guarding your secret and all that, but please... you can just share it with those of us who have been really bad with it and had to take a couple of days off... I won't tell anyone.. Promise.
  • Asparagus juice and raw garlic will do wonders for a cold. Won't help your personal life much though.
  • Tea w/ lemon and honey and good ol' chicken noodle soup.

    I have some other tried and "stewed" remedies.....but they concern more adult consumables...:redface:
  • I think, at 29 I might be classed as an adult... at least in the eyes of the law, don't know if my partner would agree :)
  • My granny swore by amphetamines - she claimed that the helped clear her colds but it was more like she just didnt care that she had the cold any more.

    I hasten to add that once upon a time such things were actually legal and prescriped by Medical Doctors as a cure for lots of things - weight loss, sleeping too much, being overly quiet, not being freindly enough... :huh:
  • Amphetamines are still prescribed by GP's - i did a prescription for some the other day. For narcolepsy!!

    Try hot lemon and honey with a smidge of whisky in. Goes down a treat and works wonders for a cold. People in the UK - if you start to feel a cold coming on try Vicks First defence nasal spray* ITS FANTASTIC - i felt horrid at work and this stops a cold in its tracks!!

    *always read the label!!
  • Y'know the Vicks thing. The advert always says about x% of people who used Vicks first defence didn't get a cold etc. By my missus works with statistics a lot and she's ALWAYS complaining about the fact that it means nothing as there's no control group to say how many people who DON'T use First defence get a cold.

    It's always the quiet ones... ;)
  • The best way to keep a cold away, from what I've heard, is to excersie regulary and to eat healthy.
    I would qualify for the control group for that study.

    There is no cure for the common cold once you got it. Complaining and moaning loudly and constantly to your spouce will easy the agony briefly.