• This is the first time this has happened. The files don't appear to have been saved on yet, just blocks of free mem. that have gone bad. I am also having probs. w/my PS2 in the Disc Read Error department. Could the two things be related? ???
  • -wow many people having this same exact troubles.
  • i had the same problem with minme and mine was the official sony playstation 2 black one..just bought a new one
  • Yeah I have had some of those corrupted data files on my card. The first time i got them was after I downloaded some saved data files from a OPM PS2 demo disc. And the second time was from, I think, MGS2. I think everytime you take a picture with the camera, you get after you beat the game for the first time, and save it it shows up on your PS2 memory card as corrupted. Has anyone else seen this before?
  • It's a Sony card so I prolly need a new one. That';s strange that you mention takin' pics. in MGS2 being corrupted. My husb. has been playing MGS2 & when he replayed the game his pics. were gone. Could they have been the corrupted files I deleted? I assume I'm supposed to delete corrupted stuff...
    Also, the Disc Read Error is only when my husb. tries to play a movie DVD. All the games are working just fine. *phew*
    Sony is still going to replace my console free seeing how's it had just been repaired a couple months ago. They're even paying the postage. Has anyone gotten a rebuilt console from Sony? Are they as good as the new ones?
  • When I got mine rebuilt (DVD disk read errors also but software working perfect) it worked a bit better for a few weeks. But after 6 DVD movies I got another disk read error. It is in the process of being fixed/replaced again. When you get it back there should be a bill that states what they did. Regardless test it well before your new 3 month
  • Thanx for the advice EvilA.
    I sure hope it works for awhile before screwing up this time.

    Also, I have to say that since my husb. quit taking pics. in his MGS2 game , I haven't had any corrupted mem. card files.
    Strange.... :0
  • I dont think corrupted files are all that bad. I think the PS2 marks them as corrupted because the PS2 cant read what it is.
    I downloaded some files off a OPM disc and when I looked at it in the card it also said corrupted. So I guess that bad thing about it is, ou cant tell what the file is.
  • badboy: I think you're right 'cause the corrupted files haven't seemed to really hurt anything. I just freaked out when I saw them 'cause I thought it would be catching & #### up my other saved stuff. :erm:
  • I had corrupted files but wouldnt be able to guess what they were. I know every save I had on that card and when I erased the corrupted files none of my known saves were missing. Hmmm So where would they have come from? More importantly it is just plain inconvenient not to be able to tell what game a save belongs to and when it was created/modified. Since that one occasion I have not had any corrupted files and when I did get them they didnt harm any of my other healthy saves.