• Hope everyone had a really good thanksgiving!
  • Hi there dukesbrat... welcome to Absolute PlayStation !

    You will have a great time here, there are some amazing people in the community and they all love helping each other out with any gaming (or other) problems.

  • Thanks dukesbrat,
    even though I don't celabrate Thanksgiving (being Swedish and all that) ;)

    A warm welcome to you. I hope you like the site.
  • Thanks for the turkeyday wishes, and welcome to our humble surroundings.....stick around and enjoy yourself. :D
  • I had a wonderful thanksgiving. I stuffed myself silly ;)

    Anyways, welcome to the forums :)
  • Welcome to the forums!! happy thanksgiving to you to!! Hope you have alot of fun here and dont be afraid to ask as many questions as you like were all friendly here! :)
  • Hi there dukesbrat! Happy turkey day to you too!! I had a nice thanksgiving, food was awful..but the time with my family was great!:)
  • Hi dukesbrat

    Welsome to the forums - hope you have fun and enjoyed your thanksgiving!!