Help, my ps2 keeps giving me a disc read error
  • :nono: My PS2 keeps giving me a disk read error and i dont know what to do. Even with new games it would give me a disc read error. Should I try to fix it my self or where should I get it fixed.
  • The first thing that i would recommend doing is buying a cd player cleaner which costs about $10, tops, then just pop that baby in and follow the directions and you should have a perfect running system in no time. What i think the problem is that the lens is dirty so this will clean them. If this doesn't work then you may want to give Sony a call to see what they suggest. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • I hadalready bought a lens cleaner and cleaned it but it keeps giving me the same disk read error. Does anyone know where I can contac sony?
  • This is a repost of a response I gave to another member a while back:

    After doing a little research on this problem, it appears that you are not the only one to encounter this+and the problem is very well known AND documented by SONY.

    If the unit is fairly new, return it to where you purchased it for another working unit.

    If the unit is a few months old, contact SONY. It appears that this is a known problem, and they will repair it even if it is out of warranty.

    They will try to insist that you pay $119 dollars to get the unit replaced/repaired, and then back down to $64 if pressured.

    Keep being insistant (ie: a MAJOR pest), and insist on the repair be done for free
  • I am on my 3rd PS2 because of that disc read error, it is the actual system, DON'T use those CD lens cleaners to clean your PS2 they futher increase the damage to the system.

    I noticed that my main problem was also dust, go to a computer store an look for those can's of Air, an use that on you ps2 i use it a few times an it help until the ssytem final would not read anything.
  • Hmmm. Actually this my first post here and I have to say that one of the driving reasons I signed aboard for a membership was this problem exactly. My PS2 is doing that exact thing, only for DVD's constantly, and erratically for the games. One DVD did happen to work, but to my consternation, the console refused to read past the three-quarter mark-- a major disappointment, considering I ad rented the movie. One concern I have with the 'air-can' method: considering how compact the console is put together, is there not a possibility of excessive pressure from the can damaging anything in the unit? This seems like an easy fix to me, but I have tried the CD Cleaner with no results and could use input on the air-can issue.
  • laugh, but i used my vacuum cleaner on it!
  • I also use my vacum cleaner on it, and it probably helps.Creepshow, the reason it may have not worked past the 3/4 mark, especially if it was a rental, is because the disc was probably damaged by a previous renter, or was dirty, which i find hapens all the time with rentals. I always give the disc a good clean with a lens cloth before putting it in, and so it rarely skips.

    With regards to the lens cleaner, i use mine once a month, when i vaccum out the ps2, and it helps reduce the skipping due to slightly scratched discs, and dirty disc. (little scratch + little dirt on lens= more problem)