• I live in Europe, so the standard DVD region/zone is region 2. But I've seen on the store, for PS2, a CD that costs the same as a PS2 game and they say that the CD can switch the region of PS2, so we insert the CD first, every time we want to watch a different region DVD. Then we can watch all the movies we want!
    Is it safe? Would it damage de PS2, using that?
  • That sounds a lot like something tiff mentioned in here before.Seeing as this would be an unlicensed third party product it is hard to say but I would think it shouldn't do anything.
  • [b][i] :2devilish: I have seen this in action and it worked quite well, but the guy who I talked to (an importer) said that it will void your warranty, due to the fact that you are, in essence, modifying the machine.

    But he has not had any reports of problems with it, and he has sold about 50 of them.

    I can't recall the name of it off the top of my head. :thumbsup:

    sidenote: Weeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • Could you people be talking about the region-X cd.

    If so then i can tell you it works like a charm.
  • :2devilish: That be the one I seen!!! :thumbsup: