Crash WOC, Tsunami Blue Crystal path
  • I have managed by some miracle to reach the blue crystal in Tsunami and have been transported to an area with boxes and upturned boats. At the end there is a crystal by the portal. I am standing on the last but one box but cannot reach that box in one leap. How do I get this jump and ultimately the crystal. Thank you.
  • According to my sources you should be able to hop across the boxes all the way to the end. Some of them are a stretch but still should still be reachable with well balanced jumps. The boxes on top of the exploding boxes at the end leaves you with no time for think. The level is diffiult, but be assured that there is no secret trick. You just need to practise your jump technique and before you know it you will get that hiddne clear gem.

    Good luck.
  • What Magnus said sounds about right. In this game the only way to get some boxes is to jump from one box to the next bouncing on each one as you go. If it's a plain box you land on (one without a question mark (?) on it) then you have to remember that you have to jump on them EXACTLY 10 times. I've always found it's best to count how many times then when you're on nine you have to get ready to move crash to the next box after hitting the current box a tenth and final time.
    As for the exact point that Magnus mentioned, I'm not sure if he meant the red TNT boxes or the green NITRO boxes. If they're green nitro boxes then there should be a green metal exclamation mark (!) box at the end that you jump on to detonate all the NITRO boxes. If they're red TNT boxes then it's just a simple case of jumping on the normal box, land on one of the TNT boxes, and then get the hell out of there before you get blown up. That will then give you all the required boxes. Or at least it should do anyway.
    Hope that helps you somewhat