Ff7 will never be final!
  • I don't if it is just me or how I set up my ps2 last night, but I couldn't save ff7 to my ps1 memory card, well it said it had saved, but when I went to load it. It wasn't there!?! So I reset the console and opened the browser and looked in my memory card and there were 2 junk files there. So I deleted them, and then I went to bed as it was pretty late. So is FF7 one of the games that doesn't allow you to save on the ps2 to a ps1 memory card? I had the playstation settings to smooth textures and faster loading, but would that have made much difference? Can anyone help? What I really want to know is, will I have the same problem with FF8 and 9?
  • I don't recall hearing of anyone having problems saving with any PSOne game on the PS2-if it plays it should save on the PlayStation memory cards. ???

    While i can't see it it is possible perhaps that the smoothing and disk speed features could be messing things up-try leaving those off next time and see what happens.
  • Thanks mate!

    I try those and see if they work! God I hope it does, I love ff7! Whats you fav FF?
  • I haven't had that problem before. Good luck spike!
  • It didn't work so I p*ssed for with that so I now am the owner of ff8 as well! So good so far, played for three hours with lots of saves, come back and the file had gone! It had been turned into junk data! So I have nicked my brothers Ps1 from his room, and now it sits on my ps2 whch sits on top of my video!
  • Owch! That has to hurt. I know how you feel, it happens. The only thing I can think of is that maybe your memory card has a bug in it. Maybe if you have a different one you could try that instead. Have you thrown it ( hint hint, just kidding) or bashed it into a wall or anything? Actually, I have thrown mine out a window on accident once, I sorta accidentally tossed it out while I was standing next to the window. It slipped really! Thankfully, there was grass below the window and it's only about a foot drop. Well, back to the question, there could be dirt or something inside of it too. I'm just coming up with random guesses. I doubt it's the PS2. I surely hope my advice helps you in the future
  • No, data can become corrupted if you remove the memory card before the save process has completed. Other things that can happen is that the PS2 will(very rarely) try and save the game as PS2 software onto a PSOne MC. This may sound weird but there is a way that the system reads the data and ythere is also a way that it sends data and it can confuse itself. One thing that may be a good idea to do is clean out the inside of the PS2 with a disk cleaner as well as compressed air on the inside, without openng it(through the vents). Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • that didn't work, but I have been playing ff8 now for 50 hours now and I am on the third disk! But one problem, I can't find any steel pipes anywhere!! Where do you find them!!