• what the deal witht the password control on watching DVD's on my PS2 everysingle time i want to watch a movie i have to punch in a number i dont see the point in this flaw that sony has put in its system.
  • its simple just set it so you can watch any movie then you wont have to type in the password anymore. Have fun!!
  • [b]I have turned mine off, set it to the max # and everytime it asks me to change it or i cant watch the dvd.
  • Next time if you're not worried about parental control go in like you did before and put the setting to "off".You'll never get that stupid prompt for a password or to change the settings again.

    I wouldn't call it a "flaw" A.J. .They put that in to allow parents to adjust the settings to keep younger children from watching movies they probably shouldn't.Like I said,if the parental controls aren't needed just shut them off.
  • It's safety reasons like lyndon said. Those passwords are annoying!! Any way have fun watching movies!!!
  • Another easy thing to do is to make the password 0000 (4 zero's). Then when it comes up you just hit XXXX, quick and easy. If it annoys you that much go with turning it off completley option.
  • first of all im only 15yrs so i don have any kids yet* he he, and second of all where exactly do i turn off this password thing?

    and i always do press xxxx (0000) just i dont have to remember much and my level is at level 8 what does this level mean?
  • The lower the level,the more strict the parental controls.Seing as you've been in there you should be able to switch it off very easily-just follow the instructions as found in the manual (you do still have it don't you?).