ports and firewall
  • Hi,
    ok my internet gateway shuts down as soon as I start playing a game on my PS2 then gameplay is very slow. I have some ports in this connection but how do I find out if I have them all? I put the router in my firewall as friendly and to allow all connections.
    Obviously something is shutting it down when I start play but what?
    Any help please:D
  • What you will have to do is make some slight adjustments in the connection setting of the PS2 and in the router itself. Did you go automatic for the PS2 for obtaining IP address, dns servers, etc.?

    What I did was put in my setting a specific IP address ( as an example). The other information such as subnet mask and DNS servers I put in as well, which can be found in your router settings.

    Once that was saved I opened up the router set up on the computer. The section you should look for is called DHCP- this is what allows the router to assign IP addresses to anything wanting to go online. Find the MAC address that matches the PS2 (you would have seen it at the end of connection set up on there) and enter in the same IP address that you put in on the PS2. Once this is enabled and saved the router will give the PS2 that address each time and allow it online. This should let you get the full speed.
  • Thanks Lyndon.
    I have a headache now but when you know something should work ok and its not its flippin annoying.
    I have just gone into my firewall and I had a lot of UDP ports blocked ( i didn't realise before) LoL.. I have permitted these with tracking to notify me of any problems. But quess what I just played fifa and had no problems and won. yippee. so hopefully this was the problem if not I will try your answer. Thank you very much for your help and advice.
  • If things are working well then no ned to bother with what i put in there. Good luck in the games! B)
  • ok i die everthin you just told me to and it siad that the DHCP dot need a PI address