• im having trouble getting online, i tested my connection and it said it was ok but when i try to play online the dnas screen said there was a error 612 or 6.12 or some thing like that do you know what that is?
  • When that happens it usually means something wasn't quite right despite what the test says. You probably have to tweak something in the PS2 connection and/or in the router. I ran into the same problem until i set up a single IP address for the PS2 in the DHCP section and added that into the PS2's connection set up along with the DNS servers and subnet mask.
  • how and whre do i go to set up a ip address? and the poeple how hook up my DSL said it will be ok
  • This is done while setting up the connection on your PS2 and then go into what is called DHCP on the router.

    First on the PS2- when it comes to the part where it asks for the IP address select manual. In here put in an IP address that your router can give (say, On the next page it will ask for DNS addresses and a Subnet Mask. These can all be found on one of the pages in the router set up. Once things are done you will see a MAC Address listed in the connection summary- write this down as you will need it during setting changes on the router.

    Now, on the router go to the area I mentioned before (DHCP)- where it is depends on the brand you are using. Click the button to enable this then put the MAC Address in the space provided, then put in the next blank the same IP address you added in the PS2 settings ( Once you hit the save settings/ OK/ Apply (again, depending on the router model) the router wll let your PS2 online and give that same address each time.