• I am stuck on a game called Necromonicon, on Psone. I have reached the "dungeon" (? where people/ creatures are "reanimated"), and I manage to get to a pickaxe, but then keep falling down a hole ! How do I get past this stage?
  • Bernie

    I hope this is what you were after - althought this is from the PC version -

    go down the hall and enter the large room where there's a less-than-pleasant surprise waiting for you. You lose your lantern and if you walk towards the hole one more time, you'll fall in and die.
    Proceed to your right, hugging the wall. And where it gets dark, you'll have to hunt for a torch, which you can light with your lighter. After you've lit the torch, proceed QUICKLY to the centre of the room. On the floor near the altar is an axe. Get it and return to the wall quickly. It's possible to make it to the wall without the torchlight, but as you can guess, it's easier if you move quickly. Return to the lab and open the trunk with the axe. Inside is a key that opens the cabinet in the study and another lamp, which is good because you haven't quite perused the study yet. In the cabinet you'll find an alchemical lab kit and a gas can. Beyond that, I'll leave it to you to explore the entire area, since there's nothing here but papers to fill the library portion of your inventory.

    Good luck!