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    Got an early night shift finish but don't have to go to work till later on tomorow as I'm in for an MRI scan on my eye & it dawned on me what Jane said the other day. "What happens if they find a tumor?"I wasn't really thinking about it, but from a phone call on my break from work, one of her friends has found out she has cancer. How do you live with that? I know I've done something to my eye that makes it go funny double vision when i'm tired, but I have special glasses to compensate when I need them. I work with flour at work so I don't like wearing them due to getting messed with the blasted stuff & I can go 12-16 hours without them. Back in August I was just days away from getting corrective surgery but it was cancelled on at the last moment. Jane gets the feeling that there not telling me something until the results from my scan comes back. If the worse comes to that & they find something along the lines of that I'll be in "F**k it!!" mode as I've had some crap happen to me in the past few years & not letting this effect my life.
  • I've had two scans myself this year Chris. An MRI and an MRA . Three if you count the CTscan. (see my profile for one of the images) I know I was worried sick about it on top of being ill. But it really is best to know right away if there is something seriously wrong. I know personally, it was a relief to find I didn't have a tumor, aneurysm or a stroke.

    All you can do is keep your chin up and hope for the best. The whole procedure isn't too scary unless you are claustrophobic. It is a bit loud but they should have ear plugs for you.

    Good luck! I hope it goes well. We'll all be thinking about you.
  • I had an MRI scan done when I was little and they found nothing wrong. Course, that was back when I was having seizures so that's very different.

    All I'm gonna say is keep your chin up tiff! Sometimes it's the best medicene to be optimistic.:)
  • Its scary times - esp finding out about Joan and everything. Which is why i personally havent been about very much lately.

    His scan went well. Thats to say we managed to get him in there with not much hassel. Get the results on thursday