Madden 07 Question
  • I just purchased the Playstation 2 Madden NFL 07 game and was hoping I could set it up to play exhibition games between 2 teams (I can just sit back and watch while the playstation does all the work). I have Madden 2003 and it has that option. Is this possbile with 07 and if so how do I do it? :confused: Thanks
  • I would think this would still be in there- not having played it myself, however, I wouldn't quite be sure how this gets set up. I've sent the question in to EA for a bit of clarification- hopefully they get on it quick. Soon as I find out anything there I'll get back to you.

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  • Heyya.
    I was nosing around and found this in a product description thing.

    I'm not sure if this answers your question but if you read point 3 on that there menu list you'll see that the Play Now option is Exhibition game. Maybe you have to control you team by your self, maybe not. I don't know if you've tried it or not so...
    Q. What [B]game modes are there?[/B]
    A. Madden NFL '07 allows you to play a single exhibition game, a 7 game season with a 2 game playoff,
    and a full 16 game season according to the NFL season Schedule, with a 4 game playoff, including the
    Super Bowl

    Main Menu

    • Resume Game - Continue a game in progress, from a previous session.
    • New Game - Start a new game or season.
    • Play Now - Choose teams and go directly to an exhibition game.
    • Help & Stats - Instructions on how to play the game, team rosters, and user statistics.
    • Options - variables for adjusting the game play experience.
    • About - Legal section that provides customer service and copyright information.

  • Hi and thanks for the help, I did figure it out, pretty much the same procedure as the Madden 03 game. PVG