Christmas Shopping? You're Kidding Right?
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    Okay folks, today I got to thinking I needed to start christmas shopping. Here's the problem though. I don't know what to get for most of my family. Sad I know huh. So I've placed my list here of whom I'm getting gifts for and what I'm thinking of getting them. 1) The boy- A fish? Relvis was originally supposed to be his, but since Q-Bert and Cleo died on the ride home...he graciously gave me Relvis. So I told him I was gonna get him a fish.
  • So you've started thinking about Xmas shopping have you? Dunno what I'm getting anyone.
    Anyway, I dunno bout your sis or bro, but Dad's are usually easy to buy for. Just think what music he likes and then buy him a cd and/or dvd of that persons music. In my case, my dad's a HUGE Elvis Presley fan so Elvis cds/dvds go down a treat for him. Hardest part is know which ones he's got and which ones he aint got as he has loads.
    Anyway, good luck with your christmas shopping.
    p.s. I'll PM you my address for my present, ok? I'm sure all the other staff members will do the same :laugh:
  • Mel is getting us presents now - SWEET!! as long as she doesnt get us bones :D a squeaky toy would be cool though :p