Ps2 sounds it make and disc tray
  • The other day I desided to play one of my games so I put it in the machine and close it then it makes this weird kind of loud and low tone errrrrgggghhh sound and it freaked me out so I took out the disc and put in another one and it did the same thing. So I turned it off and went and did something else for like a hour. Then I came back and tried playing it again and it sounded fine. Has your ps2 ever done that?

    Also I turned on my ps2 and pressed the button to let the disc tray come out and it came out like a cm. and it sounded like it was jamed so I pressed it again and it close d completly then I tried opning it again and it opened completly. Its happened to me several times has your ps2 ever done that ether? Cause im afraid if the tray breaks what do I do buy a nw ps2 yeah right!
  • [b]How long have you had your PS2?If it was just bought recently you may want to consider digging out the receipt and exchanging it for another one.Sounds like you may have something loosened in the drive tray.

    Haven't had any problems at all with mine.
  • yeah it might be the drive friend had a problem kinda like that.he got another and it worked fine.but another friend took the ps2 apart before taking it back(very crafty this dude) there was holes where screws or something were supposed to be!! but i would take it back and get another one dude
  • your ps2 is broken or you got ripped off. I'd return it if I were you
  • Yes, replace it quickly. I had a problem like that until the lens came off the track and made a big circle scratch on the game disc.
  • A couple of my friends had that happen and it turned out to be the tray drive motor get it replaced quick before it causes any damage to game disk, good luck
  • Well I finally took back my playstation2 and got a new one. It works great now. The disc tray moves in and out alot faster but it froze on me in ssx once today but thats allright games do that there was probablly a little dust on it or something.
    Hay I got another thing to send in to get another playstation2 demo disc. If I send that in will I get another one with like diffrent games on it???:thumbsup:
  • As long as you don't send the info in too close together then you could keep getting demos with different games on them each time. Recently i got a demo for Exterminator and because i have helped Playstation out before they also sent me some extra stuff. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Most likely you'll wind up getting the same disc,badboy.Good to see you got fixed up with the PS2! :cool: