Network Help
  • I need help with networking

    i got the ps2 network adaptor and trying play prov evo 6 and dosnt work

    i loaded the network disc and everything, and can play HardWare Online Arena game, but cant play ps2 network

    it says on prov evo unable to transmit using udp port 5730

    could u help me/
  • What that means is your router or its firewall is blocking that port, which it needs to communicate for the PS2 online play. Open up your router set up and go to the section for port fowarding. Set up that particular port to be open both ways and save. You should be able to play online after that.

    (9 min)
  • Ok thanks, i will message back later to tell u if it works or no

    if i get there lol
  • I am on the Router Set Up do i use Application Gateway or Virtual Servers? I am trying get on pro evo 6. what is a trigger start port and trigger end port?
  • Trigger start and trigger end are the numbers of the ports you use when giving a range. As you are just going for the one port put the same value for both.