• I don't understand why I pay my University lots of money so that they can tell me that all the classes that I need are full. Their advice to me was to go to a community college and take the class that I need. I don't understand why I am paying them a lot of money for them to tell me to go to another school. Sorry, just felt like ranting a little bit :mad:
  • That seems a bit silly!! Esp if you are paying a lot of money in fees!! would the other college charge you again if you enrolled on a course there?
  • If they're saying go elsewhere you should say "good enough, give me the money back I paid this semester". Why pay them if you can't have the classes there?
  • This is why I'm glad I can just pick my courses I don't have to consistantly fight with adding a class that is full. I have yet to start on my upper division courses, but I imagine I'll run into this trouble later.

    Sorry about your beef Mike. I feel your pain.:( If I were you though, I'd probably say what Lyndon suggested.

    My problem with college is the Financial Aid department. Every year I have to get hundreds of thosands of paper work in to them. And while some of it is fairly important (Federal Student Aid Application) some of it is just stupid.(Confirmation of Marital Status). I don't see why I consistantly have to tell my university that I'm not married. Obviously if I WAS married I would have to do a thosand other things.