• hi, i wud like some tips regarding spyhunter game and how to play, kinda confusing though! any tips?
  • Objects marked with a round red reticule are the targets- these have to be destroyed to complete the missions.

    Yellow round markers indicate items that need a bit more intelligence gathering- do not destroy these otherwise you fail the mission. Later in the game you get a scanner that can tell you if any of these are an actual target.

    Blue round markers show your weapons van, weapons boat, defense mission targets and choppers with stealth gates. When you see your weapon van/boat you are at the halfway point of the mission.

    The green globe markers are Sat-Coms- to get to these targets you need to use the side roads. These net you extra objective points if you get them all in a mission.

    A red box-like reticule shows you are locked onto a target.

    Here's a few gameplay tips:

    Know where you're going and what you're doing. Play through the stage and note the details. Not knowing that can be downright embarrassing, if not unhelpful.

    Kill what's necessary. Don't spend time fighting an enemy who is giving you the finger. Fight him only if he gets in your way, of if he is interefering with your objective(s). This not only saves ammo for the real threats, but also conserves time for the more important tasks.

    Ignore the Weapons Van. The neat cinematic and auto-drive sequence takes 20 seconds, if not more to get back up to speed.

    Strike to kill. Don't mess around with the light, medium, or non-lethal measures. Enemies are called enemies for a reason. When you press "Fire" that button should be linked to the most lethal weapon posible. Terminate with extreme prejudice.

    Gun control means hitting your target. Use guided weapons when possible.

    In step with gun control, ammo conservation is a must. It's as simple as fire and forget.

    If don't have the missile ammo to spend, use your guns and run.

    Tailgaters? Flamethrower turn on. Better yet, you can use the flamethrower as you race past enemies and inflict massive damage.

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