Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
  • I put the cheat codes in Options-Passwords-then what do I do?

    Do I need a memory card to put in the cheat codes?

    Could you please walk me thru the entire process of putting cheat codes in for this game?

    Thank you for your help
  • Right, first of all, I'll post the cheats I've found for this game, just to check they're the same as the ones you have.


    unlocks all golfers

    unlocks all courses

    unlocks all clubs

    Tiger Woods with a hat

    Tiger Woods with old striped pants

    Tiger Woods with very old golf outfit

    Tiger Woods with alternate old golf outfit

    Arnold Palmer

    Jack Nicklaus

    Ben Hogan

    Old Tom Morris

    Tommy Black

    Unlock all Nike sponsorship items

    unlock "Wesley Rounder"

    The Emperor

    Gary Player

    Sunday Tiger

    Reg Whethers

    Steve Belestro

    Now make sure you check the spellings when entering the passwords. I'm not sure if they're case sensitive, so try typing them in FULL CAPITALS to see if that works.
    With most games that require the inputting of passwords, you don't necessarily need a memory card, but you could try using one to see if it works then.
    If you STILL can't get the passwords to work, then I'm officially stumped. Not having the game myself, I can't guarantee whether the codes work or not and what you, and how, you have to type in as passwords.

    Sorry I couldn't be any more help for you kinneloa.
  • Once you have the code entered highlight the Done key on the onscreen keyboard and hit X or hit the start button on your controller. You should hear a sound and be taken back to the menu if the password took. The passwords are case sensitive, BTW.
  • Cheers for that Lyn. I wasn't sure about what happened afterwards and whether or not they were case sensitive.

    I hope between myself and Lyndon, we have helped you with your code problem kinneloa
    We aim to please :D
  • thanks-

    how do i know or see if the password worked?

    do i need to re start the game?

  • if the code worked how do i get for example to the other courses?

    Thanks again
  • I tried the code for all courses and it did unlock the actual courses, the fantasy courses such as central park remained locked. It has to be done in lowercase letters. You should hear a somewhat high-pitched sound if it worked. When you go to set up a round of golf such as a normal 18 hole round in Traditional Modes you should be able to select the courses.
  • ok im in Tradiotnal where do i find the various courses?