Can I Play 2 PS2s off one Modem
  • I have 2 PS2s and SOCOM 3 & SOCOM CA. I want to know how to get both online off one modem.

    I set em up w/ a router and everything (Comcast) and only one can get on while the other has problems getting connected to the network. Also, I've read at other sites that I might need a HUB or Switch. Do I? Don't worry, I've got the PS2s on 2 different TVs. I NEED HELP!!!
  • I think this may not be possible as the PS2s would each be wanting to use the same ports for getting online. If a switch or hub does do the trick you will wind up with slower bandwidth going to each PS2 as it will share between the two as opposed to a router which gives the total bandwidth to each connection.

    (21 min)