• I am on the paddleboat, how do I get to the silo, I look around the game and I still cant figure it out
  • right, once again I've seacrhed and I think I've found the part you mean.
    Have you just had some sort of cut-scene (or Event as it seems to be called) where some mysterious person has tried to shoot Dylan. Then some girl arrives and drops her necklace. Then the mysterious person jumps down somewhere and runs off. Then, apparently, Regina arrives and asks Dylan about his mother and sister.

    If that has just happened, then this is the next part that gets you to the missile silo (I presume that's the silo you're on about as it's the only silo mentioned where I found this info). Anyway, I'll start straight after the cut-scene I've just mentioned above.

    You should be in control of Regina right now.
    From the Control Panel, choose Jungle.
    Save your game and then exit the boat.

    Go to the "Water Tower" via Jungle North Route.

    If you want to, fill your weapon here and then save your game.
    Next, go to the "Marsh".
    Keep going until you get to the "Posion Plant South Area".
    Keep going until you find a red sign which leads to a ladder.
    Go down the ladder.

    Posion Gas Area
    Run like hell until you egt to another area.

    Waste Disposal Area
    You can fill your weapon here if you want. Either way, save your game here, then exit through the left door.

    Launch Site
    There are Red Raptors in this area, so be careful!!!!!
    Keep going and then go down the stairs.
    Enter the door.

    Data Control Room
    Take the Third Energy Disk in the computer and make sure you pick up the last DINO FILE (Gigantosaurus).
    Now exit the room via the same door you entered through and go back up the stairs. Another event/cut-scene will activate where you meet the T-Rex again. However, the Gigantosaurus will arrive and the two dinos will fight it out.
    Dylan arrives.
    And, eventually, Regina makes her way down to the Missile Silo.
    The event ends and you're told how to kill the Gigantosaurus, I think.

    That's it (I Hope).