• I am a technically challenged old man.
  • Sorry, but I believe Pearl Harbor I presented in widescreen. If you can turn it off it should be in the options section of the DVD. I can't remember if you can turn it off within the PS2 itself. Worth a look though.

    Hope it helps.
  • This seems more appropriate for the PS2 Hardware Help Forum.

    If the DVD is presented in widescreen then there is nothing you can do-it will default to that every time.If the option is given it will show in the DVD's menu or the full screen version will be on another disc (as they did with Shrek,for example).

    To set the default to the full screen here's what to do:Put the DVD in and push the Select button on the controller to bring up the on-screen control panel.Now use the pad to highlight the toolbox icon and push the X button.Use the D-Pad to highlight Screen Setup and hit X.Go to TV Type and select 4:3 PAN SCAN if you are using a normal television.Hit the X button and you're done.Just hit the Select button a couple of times to remove the on screen menu.

    Hope this is explained suitably "non-techie" for you-I know how confusing this stuff can be at times! :2silly:
  • Sorry, some dvd's come like that
  • why get rid of the widescreen in a funny quote i heard one day the widescreen

    "Preserves the directors vision of the movie"