Stuck In Driver 2
  • Hello myname is grace and I have a play s1 which my son plays often. He loves to play driver 2 but when he cannot work out things like how to move the ferry and then what to do after that he drives me mad and asks me to look it up on the cheats. He wants to know once he is on the boat ramp in havana and his car is out there floating on the water what does he do then. He also cannot figure out haw he gets weapons. i have no idea as i don't play it. Imyself and daniel would love to know as his driving meup the wall. also when i try to log in i don't have a user name as I got told to put in my email and password. Thanks for taking the time to read this email. We'll be waiting patiently--- I don't know about my son waiting paiently.
  • Hello, Grace- before I answer the Driver 2 questions i just want to assure you your e-mail address is safe if you decide to register with us. We do not give e-mail addresses to anyone and only use it ourselves for a newsletter we have recently started (which can be opted out of at any time) or if we need to contact you.

    For the Escape To The Ferry mission he should keep the accelerator floored until just after he comes off the ramp- he should then let off the gas and hold the brake. If he missed the ferry the mission is failed and he will have to try again.

    Unfortunately I can't find anything regarding the weaponry- I haven't played this one myself either. However, I'm sure one of our members or one of the other staff members would have and should be able to help.

    I hope my tip for the ferry helps your son out and that you will consider registering with us. B)

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