Lager and Birds...
  • ...The feathered kind! :frown:
    Anyway, anyone seen the new Carling advert? It's been on telly for a while now. Thought I'd put the link here for all of our friends across the pond and other parts of the world who might not have had a chance to see it.
    So here it is:
    Comments of new Carling Lager Advert
    Just right click on the Belong picture and click on Play.
  • I don't get it. Does that make you thirsty? Makes me wish I had a shotgun.;)

    I can hear the music now... "Going down tonight...BOOM! Going down tonight... BOOM!" Heh heh.
  • I "believe" the caption at the end says it all "Belong".
    I think it's all to do with being in a crowded pub, drinking the same drink as everyone else; kind of belonging to the Carling Club. I think that's it anyway :huh:
  • Now I get it! I say they "belong" in a pot with some veggies or over an open flame with some BBQ sauce. Mmmmm... BBQ :p

    Just your typical American reaction. See something beautiful, pick up a gun, shoot it, pour something sweet on it to make it more palatable, burn it then consume it. Add beer into the equation and forget about it!