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    Oklahoma certainly has it's share of wacky weather. They say, "If you don't like the weather here, just wait awhile. It's sure to change." That is often true. We are part of "Tornado Alley" but that season is past. The summer is brutally hot but the winter is usually mild. I live far enough in the south that I hardly ever see any snow in the winter. Yesterday was the exception to the rule. We got snow and sleet all day.
  • You got snow?!?! Lucky!!

    California has been warm still. It was freezing last weekend, but it usually starts to get cold in the end of September. This week is the first time it's ever been cold since the start of fall.
  • Yup, our weather is the same over here.
    Well seems we've well and truly stuffed up this planet. Who's for building a ship capable of intersteller travel, finding another planet very similar to Earth, and then eventually ruining that one, like we have this one, and then starting again with the whole move to another planet thing?
    Charger, you can sharpen your claws, ready to cut the materials into shape, ok? :mellow: