Breath of fire 4 hellllllllpp
  • :2devilish:the guy is in a city to the south of the place with the hex gun.(i will play it to day and find the name of it for you if you can not find it by the time a come here the next time i will wright it down for you)
  • thankyou i'll try it
  • the place is kwanso and you must enter from the highway if you don't you will not be able to get into the place.
  • hey i got to the castle but now i cant find fue-lue can you help nightwalk83
  • can sombody help im stressing out i need aswers
    ARHHHHHHHHHHHH[/b][/quote] sorry just need help heh...heh
  • i will play it to night and make some notes so you can find him. (i hope that you are at a high leve or you will die in two to three turns like i am)
  • cool thax and i hav 1 more question if a tree twigg scratches your game will it mess it up
    but thanx u help me alot

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  • is level 38 ok
  • night walk if ya there help me find all the charms to get to fue lue than7 thanxs okay and uh how many fearies you got
  • i'am back 38 i think is a little.fue lue is not one for you are almost done with the game.i did not get all of the charms yet myself.i have 20 feaies and that is the max i think for i have not get any more.if you need any more help e-mail me.
  • you dont know anyone who has do you ?
  • cham are you here ? ?? ?
  • i think im level 47 now or 50 but sence know body posts here mdhtr can you close th postin replying thing
  • :cool: asking staff to shut down please do not post in here