Curly cord syndrome
  • Surely i'm not the only one this happens to. When my mum 'packs up' the PS2, she wraps the cord around the center of the controller. When i un-pack it a few minutes later, the cord is all curly and it's really annoying.
    Is there a cure for this, or do i have to live with it?
  • Yes a very common problem but I have found if you hold the cable up as high as you can and let it "unwind" itself and then switch (do the other end). Hopefully this will cure your "curly-cord-syndome". Other than that I don't what else to suggest.
  • Thanks rex, i'll give that a shot as soon as i get home (at my gran's for easter lunch :) )
  • I know what you mean! Those darn cords! I be tripping over them making my whole system fall over, it's very dis.. you know what I mean!
  • Heres a sure fire way of that never ever happening.
  • Never have this problem. One controllers always connected and when i've finished playing, i tuck it next to the PS2 (helps if PS2 is in TV cabinet) - other ones hanging on DVD shelf with cable dangling down. Its an habit i got into after i kept breaking ear/headphone and power supply cables in the past.

  • I hate it when my PS2 controller cords get curly but all i do is hold the controller and run my finger and thumb down the card to straighten it out, only thing is it never goes back to how it was.
  • When wrapping the cord around the controller for storage DO Not wrap it tightly as this is a major cause of controller failure! The constant stress of the cord being pulled often times "loosens" the connection(s) within the controller itself.

    When wrapping the cord around the controller, place your hand over the controller, and loosly wrap the cord around your hand AND the is a little less tidy, but much safer AND helps to prevent the "curly cord" (Hmmm....I wonder if SONY will try to copyright THAT term too!)
  • sony should invent a non curly cord the would be great so it wont be so anoyying uhh i hate it... :mad:
  • Quote (Lucifer @ April 06 2002,06:16)
    (Hmmm....I wonder if SONY will try to copyright THAT term too!)[/b][/quote]
    Care to enlighten me on this?

    I agree AJ, the guys at sony are pretty smart, surely they could figure something out!
  • [b]KiLLa, there is a simple solution to your problem...............pack the controler away yourself.