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    Not me who has it but Jane and she has taken her first steps to be fully cured. Today as park of her own Christmas present to herself she took the plunge & got a rather nice & techy Digital Camera & Sub-dye Printer Dock. I'm very imrpessed with it as a whole package & now she can call her own digital camera her own (instead of me having to use mine & take photos for her) I was at the time looking for a photoprinter for myself and was in doubt of either a real photo paper/sub-dye or a pretend photopaper/ink jet, both have pro's & cons but got to say the sub-dye make much better & vibrant photo's. I've had to teach her on the use of the entire equipment as myself had to learn some new techy stuff, but now got it sorted to print from Jane's docked camera, usb memory stick, my camera (via usb), PC and bluetooth wireless from PC. Just got to see how to set up to see if Jane can print from Mobile phone bluetooth as the manual doesn't say if it does or not.
  • I would think you should be able to print the pics off the phone via bluetooth if the printer uses it as an option for the PC.

    What camera did she get? I've been considering an upgrade to the ol' Fugi 2.1 MP camera I have now- maybe one of the Panasonic cameras with the image stabilization.
  • Hi!!

    Its a Kodak G633 (i think!!) Its taken a couple of pretty good photos too. And the printer is fantastic the colour and detail i could not believe!!

    Im a really good photographer - See my Donington Shots!! But have never had a digi cam to call my very own. Basically because its the PC side of it i dont like. Sizing them and stuff
  • So i guess we can't call on you if I'm not able to do up some screenshots for the site? :p

    Bits like that can be confusing at first but it's easy to catch on to- having the right program for doing that sort of thing helps. I've been using Photoshop CS for tweaking the various screenshots for the site- lots of things to choose from but just need to use a select few for what needs doing. Sometimes the software that comes with the camera just isn't all it's cracked up to be.

    Never really been a fan of Kodak's digital cameras, I remember hearing about them being somewhat finicky in their file formats or some such thing. My current camera is the Fugifilm 2600, one of their older models. I don't use the thing that often so I'm not sure if I really need to upgrade or not.
  • The Panasonic image stabilization is a good feature, but no matter how much you use it, it will always be down to the skill of the user. Jane's digicam has it built in and on mine it sort of has it but I never use it. I've currently got a Fuji Finepix A360 4.2mp, not a patch on my old Sony one, but that died. I'll have to dig out the yahoo site that we got our Donington photos on & up' it
  • Hate to bash Kodak but I must bash Kodak. :mad: I have a Easy Share CX4230. Went to Europe in 2004 and took 2 SD cards with me. One of the 256 mb cards (Kodak brand) crapped out and I lost over 200 photos. All my photos in Paris, Edinburgh and over half my photos in London were gone. Forever. Now, I don't know if it was the card or the camera, but either way they were both Kodak products.

    Luckily, we had another camera with regular film and our camcorder to record some memories. Also got copies of the pictures my mother took, but it's not the same as having the photos you wanted and you took. It was possibly a once in a lifetime trip, partly spoiled by Kodak technology. I wish I has known you were going with Kodak. I'd have told you sooner.:(
  • OH MY GOD!!! That sux chris!! Its like that stoopid sony cybershot that tiff had that broke and lost some pics of us and friends at donington!

    The next time we go up to Edinburgh we will go and get some touristy pics for you!? and email them through! I love Edinbrugh!!