• :D thanks guys for the info for bully but have you got any cheat codes for just cause because i'm really stuck :confused: can you help me :D
  • I've ahd a look and I don't think there are any cheats for the PS2 game, Just Cause. I presume you mean that version.
    Anyway, sorry about that. If you ask in the PS2 game help section here then maybe one of our Cheat Squad might and I do mean might be able to find you some cheats/hints/tips/codes for this game. I, unfortunately, have been unable to do so though.
  • thank you 4 tryin jason F staff and the site squad you r a real help
  • You're welcome Tim.
    We always try to help our members, and non-members.

    If you actually manage to somehow find any cheats or codes for Just Cause, or any other game for that matter, then let us know.

    If you want, you could even apply to become a member of the Cheat Squad. If you pm Scott, he'll tell you what process you have to go through to become a member of the Cheat Squad. I'm not really to do with that part of the site, so I'm not totally sure what you have to do. SO, once again, just give Scott a pm, ok?
    Just click on his name in this reply and it'll open up a new window with the start of a new Private Message (pm). It already has his name in the Recipient field (who it's going to), so just type a title (E.g. How Do I Become a Mermber of the Cheat Squad) and then just type a message to him in the Message box. Then it's just a matter or left-clicking on the Submit Message button. If you click the little box next to Request a read receipt for this message, he will have to confirm that he's read the message. That way you know if he's read your message or not.

    Anyways, sorry again we couldn't help you with your request.