• I sent in my PS2 to sony to get it fixed because it kept giving me disc read errors. They said that it would cost at least $120.00 dollars! But they saud they would fix it for free. ;)
  • [b][i]I have had friends of mine send theirs in and get them back within 2 business weeks, one came back in 5 days.
  • As DC stated, there are many variables as to when you will get your system back.......your location, the backlog at the repair counter, ect.

    As a general rule, if it has been longer than 10 working days, you may want to place a call to the repair center and ask for a status update.

    Good Luck!
  • it all depend on where u live, if u live close to a Sony repair center, it can be fixed in 10 business days.

    If u lived in NY u can just take it to the sony store in Manhattan, right down to customer service an get it fixed within a week. that is what i did with number 3 of my of 5