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  • I have been playing prince of persia off and for awhile. Although, I am stuck. I am at the piont after crashing through a wall and end up fighting two big guys. One with a large sword and the other an axe. I can not, for the life of me get pass them. How do I go about beating them?
  • Could you let me know the name of this particular area you are in. It will make it easier to place where in the game you are.
  • Right, abit of searching was really needed here. Afterall, you only stated the game was Prince of Persia, you didn't specify which one. As there are three in total on the PS2, it took a while to find a guide to help me help you.

    Anyway, I finally discovered that you meant Prince of Persia 2: The Two Thrones. So here is help on beating this Destructive Duo.

    First things first. Make sure you concentrate ALL your attacks on the guy with the sword. Just use your Daggers Standard B moves on him (hope that makes sense to you; it doesn't to me as I've never played the game).
    Anyway, keep attacking the guy with the sword this way and the guy with the axe will eventually jump into the air. Get ready to roll out of the way!

    If you dodge the guy with the axe, he will end up getting his axe stuck in the ground.
    Now concentrate your attacks on the guy with the axe!
    Just use the same technique as you did against the guy with the sword. However, make sure you keep some distance between yourself and the guy with the sword else he'll chop you like a chefs special.
    It's best if you stay one side of the guy with the axe, making sure the guy with the sword is the other side. Just continuously role round the side of axeman to keep him between swordman and yourself.

    After a while axeman will pull his axe out. At this point, go back to attacking swordman like you did at first. Again, this will eventually lead axeman to jump and, provided you role out of the way, get his axe stuck in the ground.

    Continue doing all this until you take away about a third of axemans health. When this happens, a speedkill will activate. Keep a close eye on the visual clues so you know what to do for this speedkill. Correctly performing this speedkill will reduce both enemies' health to about half.

    Again carry on with what you've been doing until axemans health gets down to around a third.
    Once this happens, you're prompted to perform the second, and final, speedkill.
    Correctly perform this by taking note of the visual clues and you can then sit back, relax, and enjoy a stunning cut-scene that readies you for the final part of this game.

    I hope that helped you.
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