• When the ps2 harddrive comes out for the playstation2 is it going to be worth buying it for &#36150. I know U can save like a million games on it but is there anything else it will be able to do?
  • [b]You won't be able to save your games onto it,but it does have other uses.Some games will be using the hard drive to stream data from the disc,reducing load times.I think FFX is going to be one of the first games to do this.The games will still be completely playable without it,though.

    Also,the drive will have an ethernet adaptor on it.So,if you happen to have cable or DSL internet access,you'll be able to use that to access the network.There you'll have access to online gaming,email,instant messaging,MP3 downloads,etc.Sony announced deals with AOL,Real,MacroMedia and others that will develop applications and other items for the PS2.There should be more information available on it in October as Sony gears up for the November release of the hard drive.
  • Also to use the ethernet adapter you *must* have the PS2 HDD or there is no way to connect the adapter. You can still get some third party modem but it's not recommended. If you plan on playing online games with quick access to the web then i'd recommend you getting the HDD, ethernet adapter and a cable or DSL modem. Other than FFX, there'll be THPS3, TMB, Dragon Quest online, Tetra Master(possibly Japan only), MGS2, FFXI and probably many more that'll utilize both the online capabilities or the HDD. Well, hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.