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    [drupal=137]A Wacky Weekend[/drupal]

    Well folks, this weekend has been one of the most different weekends I've ever had. I had the absolute worst day at work on Saturday. My worst day since I have started there. Sure there haven't been too many bad days, but this one was just plain awful. I had a Golden Retriever tear off a good chunk of my thumb knuckle. It hurts like a burn. Agh!! So then I got home from work Saturday and the boy took me out for ice cream and let me vent my frustrations to him. He was really sweet and cheered me up.
  • Had a quick read of the article on your bro; looks good. So he's gonna be in the majors in 2009 according to that article? The next Babe Ruth maybe? (Sorry, being English, he's the only baseball player I've EVER heard of :()

    Anyway, congrats on getting half your xmas shopping done. I've noticed you didn't say what you're getting me and the other staff; makes sense as we'd see it. Hope it's something good ;)
    Just kidding, seriously though, good luck with the rest of your xmas shopping for your family and friends.

    Oh, just thought. How's your thumb now? Can you do the severed finger/thumb trick, but for real?