• I can't seem to find a gt force wheel anywhere on the internet for north america. does someone know where i can find one?

  • I am nearly sure you can buy one from the manufacturers website.

    Check out the review of the wheel on the main APi website and there is a link at the start of it to check out.
  • well,

    i checked out the logitech store site for both the u.s and europe and neither had the wheel on the site. on the regular logitech site (where you can't buy stuff, just look at it) it has it on both the u.s and canadian sites. i just can't find anywhere to buy it.

    i heard a rumour that they discontinued it, is that true?
  • [b]Highly unlikely,mavm.More likely they are working to get more units out onto the market as the initial run sold quite well.Don't believe everything you hear.

    I did a check around some US sites I trust and found it on one of them.I've PMed you the link to the page.I'm guessing,however,that shipping may be delayed somewhat considering recents events. :(
  • yeah, shipping may be delayed slightly. you said that it may be more expensive on that site than anywere in canada, but that is cheaper than the price quoted on the logitech U.S site.

    thanks guys! :D