rule of rose
  • As your aware this game Will not be released in the Uk however I found it fro sale on an Australian Website My question is will it work on my Uk ps2 after all I saw it said pal on it once again though Australia does not use region 2 dvds so will this game work or not.

  • Considering some people from Australia have bought games from the UK for play in their systems the same will most likely be the same for Australian versions on UK PS2s.

    From what i have been seeing about the game I really don't think it would be worth the extra cost to import it- it isn't that great of a game. Chris N STAFF could tell you more about it as he managed to get a UK version before they were pulled from stores.
  • If you can buy a PAL version of the game, then go for it if your collecting games that have been "banned" But my personal taste with the genre is keep clear from it if you don't like loading times for most of the game