needing help geting online
  • I wentout and got a new game and it says I can get on the internet. I have tryed to get on the internet several times and it is not working. I do have DSL and I have done every thing the book says to get on line and play but it is not workinng. What should I do now to get on line to play?
  • Daddy..
    you are going to have to give us a bit more detail. Which model PS2 are you using? If its the slim (newer) one then it has its own built in network adaptor. If its the older fat model then you will need to buy an network adaptor. Since Sony no longer make this unit you will need to search the internet for it.

    If you have all the right bits and pieces can you explain your internet set up - do you use a router for example?

    Once we get this info then we can be of more help.
  • Is this your first attempt at going online with the PS2? You may need to adjust some settings in your connection you set up on the PS2 as well as your router (if you have one- if not I readily suggest it in order to keep the PC online at the same time).

    What i did is i gave the PS2 a certain IP address by choosing "manual" during set up along with entering the subnet mask and DNS servers (these two can be found in the router set up or your internet provider). Just be sure that IP is in the range that your router can use to hand out. Once that was entered and you are at the connection summary you will see the MAC address- mark this down as you will need it in the router set up. Go into the router set up on the PC and look for DHCP, which is what lets the router give IP addresses automatically when something else (like the PS2) wants to go online. Put the PS2 MAC address where it shows and enter the same IP address numbers you put into the PS2. Once this is marked as enabled and saved you should be able to get online.

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