PS2 playing JAP imports
  • Hi,

    I wonder if it's possible to play japanese imported psx-titles on a PS2.

    I'm currently thinking off buying a PS2.
    Mostly because of the gradius 3+4.

    There's also a japanese psx available off gradius gaiden and if I can also play this title it will be a definate buy for me.

    Odd isn't it buying a state off the art machine to play old time games.

    Also has anyone played gradius on the ps2 (i'm wondering if an old style game can still make the polygon/3d terrabyte generation happy :)


  • If you want to play them, you need a japanese PS2 or use a mod on a PS2. But since japanese games are for NTSC PS2s, I highly doubt modding a PAL PS2 would make the game work. And another thing, if you were to get a NTSC japanese PS2, it won't work in PAL territories because of TV's 60hz power and the electricity unless you were to get a converter. Sorry bud, you would be better off finding if Gradius was ever released where you live. Hope this info helps at all.
  • First, Jap games are NTSC-Jap so they don't work with NTSC-USA either. The only way that this is possible is a mod and to see how we, as a forum, feel about mods and what they're used for I suggest you have a look at the topic pinned to the top of the forum. I know that this doesn't help but you'll still have the wonderful games that you'll get to play in your country. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun
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