Internet Explorer 7
  • Have any of you lot got IE7 on your computer? Well for some strange reason while me & Jane were at work the power that be have downloaded & installed IE7 for no reason whatsoever! Going through it they have changed the layout and added new stuff like RSS feed, better security and add ons (what ever they are, but keep asking me to add tool bars & search engines) The program loads up twice as fast as the previous versions & you can no tab new pages into 1 explorer window instead of having your taskbar filled with many programs of IE running draining your resources. A simple ctrl + tab will flick through them, just like you would use alt + tab on any windows programs to switch between. New tab'd windows can appear by holding down your ctrl button when clicking on a link (or set to middle mouse button)

    Anyone think it's an improvement or a backwards aproach like the X360?
  • To me IE7 has simply added some of the better features of the existing Opera and Mozilla browsers.

    However, like Media Player 11, IE 7 has changed some of the more standard features for the worse. I only ever use Explorer for the Bulletin on - if you have ever seen this you will know why - so the security issues are not that much of a concern from that point of view. All my banking and buying are done through one of the other previously mentioned browsers.

    I did install IE7 but it drove my Spybot insane as it was forever looking on to the internet by itself, so I re-installed IE 6 and calm was restored in the land of my virus and spyware protection.
  • I gave it a go for a bit but ultimately went back to Firefox 2.0 for my web surfing. It already had most of the features of IE7 and is more secure than IE. The fact they threw some of the buttons all over the place didn't help things any- stuff like the refresh, stop, home, etc. are nowhere close to where most are used to seeing them on a browser toolbar- much nicer to keep it simple and have all that in one section.
  • Can't really answer the poll as my option ain't there.
    I use IE6, as that's the one installed on the library computers.
    I do, however, install the Windows Live Toolbar via Windows Live Messenger.
    I personally like the toolbar, as, like Chris mentioned with IE7, you can use tabbed browsing instead of multiple windows which can drain the computers resources so easily. Right now I've got two tabs open; APi plus another tab, currently in the background which has my hotmail account open.
    Anyway, what was I saying? Oh right, I don't know exactly what IE7 is like, but I certainly like the live toolbar which is an IE6 feature created to kind of *mimic* IE7.
    Er, that's all...
  • Just having the name "Internet Explorer" turns me off. I will never use an "Internet Explorer" simply because it doesn't ever protect me well enough to my liking.

    I'll stick with the third party programs.:D
  • I wonder what ever happen to Netscape Navigator?
  • Chris N STAFF said:
    I wonder what ever happen to Netscape Navigator?

    It's still available.
    If you want, the only downloadable browser, I think, is
    Netscape 8
  • Yep, it's still there and still bloated up as bad as IE with extras, if not worse (thanks in part to being owned by AOL now). Firefox gives the same feel without the extra crap.
  • Tried it and don't like it. After I down loaded it, it messeed up the files that run the pc. I had to defragment it. I did not like the tabs. It took away features that I commonly use. Messed up norton. I had to remove it. But when it was on the pc , the pc would not run right. Since I removed it, it runs just fine.
  • Been using it for a few days now on the main PC & think it's trying it on with my wireless modem router, apart from that it's ok'ish & will leave it on for a while but it's not going on the laptop whatsoever!
  • I like IE7 a lot. I have used Mozilla in the past and it was frustrating. I have no toolbars and no virus protection of any sort. Just cleaning up my computer and defragging often have made my computer faster than ever. Virus programs have only told me when I have a virus and have done nothing to eliminate them.