• when I try to play DVD's this message comes up all the time... Iset up the parental control settings and everything but a message saying something like "this operation cannot be done on this disk and when I play the DVD the message still stays there can you guys help me get this message off
  • That message comes up when you try for a function that isn't available on a particular movie,such as zooming in on a particular scene.If you're getting that when just trying to play the movie then maybe the parental control settings didn't take.Head to;t=163 for more details on the parental controls.
  • no it isnt the parental control things I set that and it save and this annoying message comes up "the operation you have chosen cannot be performed on this disk" and I cant avoid it. I just got my PS2 yesterday and I am hoping mine doestnt have a bug in it please help!! :cry:
  • Is this happening with every DVD you try?If that's the case,then I'm afraid you may have a damaged system.If it's just with the one movie it may be a damaged disc.

    On the plus side,seeing as you did just get it,you most likely should be able to exchange it wherever you got it to no problem.That may be the easiest thing to do.
  • yeah I guess I tried it with 2 DVD's so far and they say the same thing maybe I'll take it back there and see if they can fix it if you have no solutions