The Female Struggle
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    Well folks, tonight marks the end of my Biology Lab for the semester. Overall, that was a really good class. Really certainly worth the money. As far as other things go, I'm fighting with the one thing every woman fights with. Do I look fat in this? Well a trip around the mall tonight with the boy allowed me to see several dresses and I saw one particular red dress that look bedazzling on the model. So I grabbed it in my usual size and dashed to the dressing room and tried it on. It wouldn't zip up past halfway. What did I do? Took it off and asked for the next size up. Got the next size up (the largest they had) and even that didn't fit me. So I sadly hung the dress back up and walked out of the dressing room.
  • Ugh i hate it when that happens!! I try not to eat bread for a couple of days before i shop because it bloats me so bad i look about 6 month pregnant lol!