PS3 Update Suggestions
  • I there a website or an email address for SCEA so we PS3 owners can make our update suggestions known? There are a few features that myself and most of the PS3 owners that I've met would like to see implemented. Is there a forum that they read, or a website that I can go to. I figure if enough of us speak up, maybe they'll listen. Thank you, BadNewsBlaze
  • The main one they would look at is at their own site- you should have the URL in their documentation with the systems and games (I'd link it here but we'd prefer to keep people here if possible ;) ). That is where you can contact Sony regarding any problems, suggestions, etc.

    Some of the people at Sony look around various forums (including us) to see what gamer are saying so the word will get to them eventually. Meantime I hope you'll join up with us soon