• HELP! for some strange reason when i play dvds on my ps2 there is colour but over it is like a thick blanket of green. but when i play the normal ps2 games there is nothing wrong with the colour. Has anyone had a problem like this and if you did please help.

    My tv is an old tv where you have to connect the cable from the back. Is it my tvs folt because it is old and cannot suport dvd or is it the cable im using?
  • Are u using an RGB cable????? If u are thats the problem, bec the PS2 DVD dosn
  • The question I have is are you running your PS2 through a VCR?
  • my friends brother had a DVD remote and coz of the way he had it fixed tro the back of the TV it sent it green when he played DVD;s , maybe its that?
  • So what do I have to do then, I cant watch any freakin Dvd's with the color green on everything. Is there a certain conection you guys can tell me about that can work with all sorts of t.v's, so I can watch DVD'S without the green "blanket" all over.
  • :idea: try adjusting tha tint control or yer tv set when viewing dvds and see if that helps ok. lemme know if this helps/works 4 ya.

  • If the Tv was bought in Japan that could be the reason for the discoloration-while it is in the NTSC standard,it is slightly different than the one used in North America or other areas that don't use PAL or SECAM,the other television standards.If you can,give it a try on another TV made for the NTSC standard used in your locale.That is the only idea I can come up with on this.
  • Ok if what you say is correct would a PAL ps2 work fine on my television, and if so would my NTSE games work fne on it like my playstation games.
  • It is still a NTSC television but they use a slightly different amount of resolution.

    A PAL PS2 would not do you any good as it would not be able to play the DVDs or the games due to regional coding.Seeing as this happens only to the movies it isn't the tv causing the problem due to age (but that may happen somewhere down the line yet).If you can I'd go back to that shop and maybe try a cable that is NTSC only-this may clear things up.