• Hi, When playing Fifa 07 online I can connect no problem, and get all the way through to the kick off when i get the message "connection with other player has been lost" I must have tried about 50 times to play a game and I have only got past this stage 5 times.

    My connection set up is via an ethernet cable that is connected directly from the Playstation to an Orange Livebox.

    I can only assume that I have not configured the Livebox correctly to allow all the ports to open which are needed for online gaming.

    Please could you tell me in simple terms (my knowledge of port forwarding etc is very limited) how to configure my Livebox to avoid this problem.

    Kid Regards
  • You aren't the only one having problems with FIFA's online play, if that's any consolation. One other person here was (or maybe still is) having problems with FIFA saying it can't communicate with UDP port 5730.

    Now then, it's possible that opening this particular port might help. Head into the set up for your Livebox (you should have a Home icon on your desktop screen). If for some reason it isn't there click this>> http://configuration.adsl/.

    If you haven't changed anything username and password should be admin in both. Once you are logged in click on Configuration, then Advanced, then Router. Now look for Configure Port Fowarding. When here put that port number in 9if it asks for 2 numbers put it in both blanks). Where it asks for the port type select UDP. once you are sure everything looks good hit the button to save that setting and give it a go.