cant play movie dvds
  • hey there guys,

    i have a PS2 slim console. my game dvd's working fine, but i wanted to know the step by step procedure to play a dvd movie, specifically if there is any technical specification, change in browser settings or anything?
    secondly the best way to open up and clean a console.

    i dont have a sony dealer around, so i would be better than any other walking mechanic.

    plz guys help me out. i am counting on u people
  • Should be a simple matter of putting the DVD in and let it play- no changes required. For cleaning the lens I would say pick up a DVD lens cleaning kit, available at most electronics shops.
  • well that seems pretty obvious.

    but it doesnt play the movie

    it gives option for system configuration and browser setting

    and just in case a memory card it attched, it reads the memory card and shows no other option of another disc or something
  • Either the disc is too scratched/dirty for the PS2 to read it or the lens needs a cleaning. You can clean the disc using a soft cloth (preferably something like the screen cleaning cloth that comes with the PSP) and wipe the disc from the center outwards- do not wipe following the grooves. The lens, you could try a DVD lens cleaner kit available at most home electronics stores.