• Does anyone know when the hard drive for PS2 will be released? ???
  • Last I had heard was this Spring,lu_bu.There hasn't been anything more specific than that officially announced as of yet.
  • Thanks for the info Lyndon! :D
  • I haven't heard anything about a hard drive, what will it do and how much will it cost????
  • I'm think that it will cost around $50 and so will the modem, but I am not positive.
  • The hard drive will actually be more along the lines of $150-it's going to be 40GB,after all.The network adaptor for getting online is expected to be around $40-50.

    Right now in Japan the drive is mainly being used for cutting down load times on games.You will also be able to browse the web,download MP3s,instant message (a custom version of Netscape and AIM are being made for the PS2) as well as play movies and games done in Java and Flash.

    One of the possible future plans down the road is to be able to download add-ons for games (levels,characters,vehicles,etc.) that would be saved onto the hard drive.
  • Will you be able to save games to the HD ? or will we still have to by mem cards ?
  • Sorry,Shagger,but the memory cards are still needed.Haven't heard anything on whether they will provide that option with future games.
  • As for the internet connection, how that going to work? Do you use your current internet service provider or what?
  • Yep-just use whatever internet connection you currently have going.The network adaptor has both the 56k for dialup and the ethernet adaptor for broadband connections where available.
  • after the hard drive is available will you be able to play computer games and dowload stuff?? ???
  • You'd be able to play Java and Flash games like the ones in The Games Room.In fact,you'd be able to do all your web browsing from your PS2 if you wanted as there will be a customized version of Netscape's browser,an e-mail client and a version of AIM (AOL's instant mesenger program for those few that may not know that one).As I said before,Dagger,one possible thing is the downloading of extra bits for the PS2 games,such as characters,levels,etc.If you mean full-fledged computer games then no,that would not be possible.
  • Lyndon you said MP3 downloading will be possible but will it be possible to play MP3's. This option will be excellent what with the fibre optic connection to your music system.
  • That was an example used in some of the items I read about the hard drive,Shagger.While I haven't seen anything on it,there is likely a deal for some custom software to play them.
  • The latest i have heard from a major game site, is that the network adapter and hard drive will be bundled and sold for $150 US.
  • $150 Ouch !

    If you can play MP3's with this device it will be worth it I think. Just make a CD with all your best songs and play. You could have different CD's for diferent partys too. This is a cool idea.
  • Quote (mavm @ Jan. 07 2002,19:25)
    The latest i have heard from a major game site, is that the network adapter and hard drive will be bundled and sold for $150 US.[/b][/quote]
    $150 for the two items? Sounds like a good deal to me. Better than $150 just for the Hard Drive. To play online games, very worth it in my mind.
  • Soon, it's going to be very tough to make your own MP3s. CDs are beginning to use a new piracy protection which bars the ripping ability which means no ripping to your PS2 or your PC. Sony Music is already using this technology on their newest cds and most companies will be using this now. Sony has rumored a package, along the lines of the GT3 pack with the HDD and ethernet adapter for $420 but again that's a rumor. The HDD will be $149.99 and the ethernet $39.99. There has been no word from Sony on if they ship them together since the ethernet ad. is only good with the purchase of the HDD. You have to have the HDD to utilize the ethernet adaptor. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Fair play to them for protecting there livelyhood, although I have plenty mp3's I use for my own use on my PC and would love to play these mixed CD's I have created on my SS system thru' my PS2 if it is possible.

    If you are not going to go online with your PS2 what other purpose would the HD serve ?
  • The main use for it offline seems to be a buffer of sorts to cut down on load times.In some cases,however,the difference wasn't very much.If you weren't going online at all it may not be worth getting,I think.
  • alright in my opinion this PS2 online thing may take off an crash just like dreamcast.

    In video game history there has never been an Add on that has sold well, this HD an network adaptor in my opinion will crash an burn like the dreamcast. Why pay over 150 bucks just to surf the net an play online.

    what Sony need to do is bundle the PS2 with Harddrive an Network adaptor an sell it for 299, but drop the price to the 3001-R models that are in stores now to $199

    but in turn that leaves most of their game market without the HD an network adaptor, leaving all of u guys to go an buy either a bundled PS2 or HD an network adaptor......

    there are so many factors that is stopping sony from make this online thing happen.
  • They better do it soon and do it well. Myself and all the people i know around here want the online as soon as possible. I want the HDD so I can put my own music in my games a'la X box, I wanted FFX to preload screens and battles onto the HDD to get rid of that screen change delay of a second or so. I want to play multi player games without hauling my TV etc.. and buying i-link cables. Most gamers I know spend alot of money gaming (owning multiple consoles, upgrading PCs paying for broadband) its all about good gaming money is not an object. If you cant afford to play online dont. I agree upgrades in history dont work (32X sega CD) but Sonys online upgrade is a little diferrent. You wont need it to play new PS2 games (unlike N64's ram upgrade) you only need it if you WANT to play online games. If you arent interested your PS2 is still fully powered to play any new software, unlike many upgrades that have failed in the past. Thats just the opinion of people in my circle of friends, who most of us have the money to go online and want to now. You are right its not cheap.
  • :) A hard drive would be pretty cool but i hope ist not too ecpensive.
  • it is gonna be expensive
    it is gonna be at least over 70 bucks
    we are talking about a 40GIG HD here